The work of "Chie Fujita" is called "Chie design".
There is "SAKANA-NUNOE" as a most important work.
Please appreciate abundant expressions.

Chie Design Peel product

Peel product
ChieDesign Peel product: 2,500 yen 〜 8,000 yen
※The price is different because of the commodity.
Please feel free to inquire.

Chie Design Unique earthenware

Unique earthenware(Owl)
Unique earthenware
Unique earthenware(Plate)
Unique earthenware(Hinaningyou)


  Designer's sensibility is transmitted by the expression and the color of the work.
Of course, all earthenwares are the Chie designs.
(There is always a stock in the shop.)

Unique earthenware: 4,500 yen 〜 8,000 yen
Unique earthenware(Plate): 12,000 yen 〜 50,000 yen
Unique earthenware(Owl): 3,500 yen 〜 6,500 yen
Unique earthenware(Hinaningyou): 3,500 yen 〜 6,500 yen

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